Recently HBO commissioned Studio Showoff for the backstory of how Damon Lindelof became interested in the creation of the re-imagined series and I felt that this animation itself is another piece of incredible work.


I remember seeing Leon Bridges on the cover of The Great Discontent magazine a few years ago but never really got around to listening to his songs. There have been so many tragedies lately and I feel lucky to have chanced upon this beautiful song today.

Tech Privacy

The world we live in now is one where the notion of privacy has eroded. We are being tracked when we swipe the card, watch the television that is watching us back, when you are on the internet you are being fingerprinted and even when you are in the car it is quietly recording your location.

A girl swimming

Into The Blue

“Thirteen year old Julija returns to the island on which she was born desperate to reconnect with her best friend, Ana. But Ana is in love with a boy and Julija is no longer a priority. Ana’s mounting rejection re-ignites Julija’s wounds and family history, awakening the monster of violence she thought she’s left behind.”

Kki Sweets by Produce

We have seen some exquisite cake designs previously. And now in another cake related post we will take a look at the interior of one of my favourite…


“If a girl crosses the border between her internal and external realities and no one is around to see it, does this animated short really exist?”

An experimental project by the Berlin-based architect Sam Chermayeff

Sam Chermayeff [et al.] Creatures

A short monologue about the experimental furniture projects by the Berlin-based architect Sam Chermayeff. I loved how irreverent it was.

Anoushka Shankar playing the sitar

Bright Eyes

“The singer is an instrument and the sitar is the lead singer”